real man - the main consumable element of the matriarchal world. Used by the Matriarchs and their minions as food, fuel for their magic, and also as a labor force. It is an analogue of a working ant in an anthill. In the case of forced receipt of the “red pill” information package, he falls into a coma and, with a probability of 99%, dies.

Hates the mature. He considers it the highest happiness to hear praise and recognition that he is “real” from any woman.It is mainly used as a consumable \"batteries\" for maintaining the matrix and for the magic of the matriarchs. It can also be used as fuel for various robots and vehicles.

real man is used in the most difficult jobs that pose a danger to the servants of the matriarchs or to their mechanisms.In connection with the development of technological progress, the livestock of real man is rapidly reducing. This is done, first of all, because sometimes, after assimilating the “red pill”, a real man can go to the camp of the Clear Ones and start a new life, acting against the matriarchs themselves.The most radical matriarchs are calling for the destruction of all real man now, but for now they are still needed to produce and feed their magical powers.


Dexterity 1.5
Intelligence 1/5
Power 1/5
Science 1/5
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