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Katia is a servant of the matriarchs, existing exclusively in the cyberspace of the matriarchal matrix. Her main skill is Eloquence. She uses this skill to suppress the will and attempts of rebellion, both males connected to the matrix and the Sights.

The \"Eloquence\" skill is also used by her to move up the career ladder. For example, she managed to convince the spider goddesses that she was very intelligent and useful to them, due to which she was granted a spider form.

With her skill, Katia simply drives the men zombified by the matrix crazy. One of the male overseers, nicknamed oxymoron, even shone a popular song on her, in which he admired Katia\'s intelligence.

Katia plays the role of a magic flute of the matriarchal society, hypnotizing the male masses. Even some of the Seers surrendered to her, believing that she was on their side.

There are also references to Katia in folklore. For example, the well-known sirens that Odysseus encountered are her servants, helping to drive men crazy in order to use them for food.

Greed 4/5
Hate 1/5
Intelligence 1/5
Lie 5/5
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