RED is a demoness summoned by matriarchs from the depths of hell. Knowing the real name of the demon makes it possible to control it, therefore only Valentina knows the real name of RED.

Rumor has it that this demon is called RED, because after his attacks there are just pools of blood. Well, the red hair color of the demoness also played a role.

The weight of the demoness is about 200 kilograms (no one dared to weigh her on the scales to find out the weight more accurately). Height is about two meters. Possesses the innate ability to levitate and the ability to spit poison at a distance of up to 300 meters. There is also a strong mouth that can bite into almost any material.


A striking feature of the demoness is an all-consuming hatred of men and everything male. Even when some masculine word is spoken with her, the demoness begins to growl and exude poison. Men are not allowed near her at all for reasons of their safety.The Matriarchs especially began to appreciate the protection of RED, after one of the attacks on their lair by the team of the Clearweld. RED alone was able to devour and poison almost all of the attackers. Only MD-Morpheus, who led the operation, was able to survive.

Greed 1/5
Hate 5/5
Intelligence 0/5
Lie 3/5
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