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BIG RED is the older sister of the demon RED, also called by the matriarchs to guard. She is larger, thicker and stronger than her younger sister, and also has a pair of demonic arms.

The demoness weighs about 300 kilograms. Height is about three meters. Possesses the innate ability to levitate and the ability to throw fireballs at a distance of up to 500 meters. In the presence of a strong mouth that can bite into almost any material, as well as a pair of demonic hands that can rip in half any robot and even the skin of some vehicles.


The most striking feature of the demoness, like that of her younger sister, is an all-consuming hatred of everything male. Even when they say some masculine word or just about men in her presence, the demoness begins to inflame everything around in a rage. Once she burned down the Supreme Council of Matriarchs, which discussed the issue of reducing the number of men, due to the emergence of the latest scientific developments that make it possible to dispense with male services in some branches of production and extraction of raw materials.Due to its size and fierce nature, it usually guards the Matriarchs outdoors, patrolling the area around.


Greed 3/5
Hate 5/5
Intelligence 0/5
Lie 4/5
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