A matriarch goddess from a higher pantheon. Together with her maid, Oksana, stands for the introduction of technology that allows you to instantly annihilate any man connected to the matriarchal cyberspace to his mistress.

Before the introduction of this technology, women had to call in punishers to destroy the guilty, and thanks to the activities of Valentina and Oksana, absolutely every woman got the opportunity to personally keep the men placed at her disposal in fear.

The technology consists in the fact that a portable annihilator is built into the body of a woman, acting both in reality and in cyberspace, and to use it, a woman just needs to point her finger at a man and say the code word “guilty”. After pronouncing the code word, the man is destroyed on the spot.

Valentina is a very strong magician. She draws her strength from the suffering of men, as well as from the anger of women from her retinue, so the demoness sisters RED and BIG RED can often be seen in her retinue. As a vehicle, he uses a ship stylized as a carriage, drawn by male skeletons. At the same time, the skeletons are still alive, but every second they experience such pain, as if they were being skinned alive.

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