black warrior

John was an ordinary man and lived an ordinary life. Studied, worked as a programmer, loved my mother. By the age of 30, John had already become a respected and highly paid specialist in his field. At 35, he married a woman with a child from his first marriage, who gave birth to another child, already in common with him.

A few years later, John finds out that the second child is not from him, files for divorce and leaves everything acquired by back-breaking work to his ex-wife, leaving to spend the night on the heating main on which he began to freeze.

But instead of dying of frostbite, John woke up in a spaceship controlled by MD-Morpheus. Due to frostbite, John could not walk, speak, or even eat normally.

With great difficulty, with the help of advanced medical technology, the crew of the spacecraft healed John. MD-Morpheus offered him a choice: return to normal life or find out the truth by taking a red pill.

John chose the truth.

And I realized that his whole life was a lie and slavery. For a matriarchal society, John was just a battery, a replaceable cartridge, nothing more .... And his wife? There was no wife. John became a victim of the RSP entity, which forced alien cubs to feed her, and if John had not left to freeze on the heating main, the RSP larvae would have eaten him, reaching puberty.

For a long 20 years, John fought with the society that used him and was seriously wounded in battle with a brood of the RSP nest, codenamed

woman\'s pit. To survive, John implanted his brain and essence into the robot\'s body, leaving the biological body as bait to be devoured by the woman\'s pit RSP.

After being reborn in a robot corps, John took the name Black Warrior, under which he fights today.


Dexterity 8/10
Intelligence 8/10
Intelligence 10/10
Science 9/10
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