Solist\'s real name is Ruslan. His body was modified to work in harsh northern conditions. During one particularly harsh winter, an accident occurred and the settlement where Ruslan worked began to freeze.

Due to the inability to quickly repair communications, Ruslan, along with a thousand other men, was forcibly disconnected from the matriarchal matrix and ... the only one survived. While 99% of men cannot survive being disconnected from the matrix, Ruslan not only survived, but also felt the taste and value of a free life.

Ruslan took the name Solist for himself, made the necessary modifications in his body and, having opened a weapons cache, took possession of a unique revolver with atomic bullets.

Six months later, communications were restored and another batch of workers arrived in the northern settlement. The usual practice in such cases would be to clear the area with military cyborgs, but the matriarchs were sure that everyone had died anyway. No one could live alone for half a year without food, light and heat.

But Solist did.

He commandeered an incoming transport ship, contacted the Seers, and now serves as a scout in reality and cyberspace.

Over the years of wandering, Solist has mastered the basics of techno-magic, but prefers the good old revolver with atomic bullets.


Dexterity 1/10
Intelligence 5/10
Power 7/10
Science 9/10
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