MDNEO is a cyber entity, in fact, an anthropomorphic program with no physical medium. He works closely with MDMorpheus, together with him he created an alternative cyber network MDnet.

MDNEO generates and distributes data packets codenamed \"red pill\", but since it does not have a physical medium, and the information networks of the Matriarchs are well protected, it has to interact with all men connected to the MDnet network, and is also in constant search of new users for the MDnet network.

Having received the data packet of the \"red pill\" in his implanted chip, the man has a chance to learn to become free and escape from the power of the Matriarchs. Some of the freed ones join the Clear Ones, and some become wandering tech knights. However, in order to obtain such a package, the Clear Ones teams must either manually load the \"red pill\" into a zombie man, often even against his will, or carry out deadly operations in cyberspace, risking being destroyed. Anyone destroyed in cyberspace will be destroyed in the real world as well. And for such cyber entities as MDNEO, cyberspace is generally the only habitat.

Currently MDNEO interacts with hundreds of users of the MDnet network and can use the bodies of several \"servers\", but it has the closest and strongest connection with the android MDMorpheus. Sometimes MDMorpheus even lends his body to him for various combat operations or travel.

Dexterity 100/100
Intelligence 100/100
Power 100/100
Science 100/100
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