A knight-errant in terminator armor named Brissen. The past is secret. Immune to hypnosis and any psychic effects. Excellent command of firearms and melee weapons.

According to one version, Brissen was a bounty hunter and during one of the missions to eliminate MD Morpheus was captured and exposed to the \"red pill\", after which he barely survived and lost his memory of his past.

However, the Seeers did not destroy Brissen, but unloaded it on one of the matriarchal colonies, returning the armor and weapons. After gaining his freedom, Brissen turned to his customers, but they decided that Brissen was recruited, a traitor and working for the Clear Ones. And now a reward has been placed on Brissen\'s head and he is forced to hide.

Currently, Brissen is working with the seers, taking orders from them to eliminate enemies and wandering the world, trying to remember his past.

Dexterity 2/10
Intelligence 8/10
Power 10/10
Science 6/10
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