Klimov was a brilliant hacker with the nickname \"ripper\", as he could gut absolutely any computer system or network.

After breaking the code of the matrix itself, it was declared enemy number 1 for the Matriarchs. Because of this, Klimov was forced to go into hiding and implant his consciousness into a huge green mutant. The trick worked and none of the mercenaries and servants of the matrix could see behind the shell of a stupid strong mutant of a brilliant hacker.

Then Klimov upgraded the body of his carrier and acquired tentacle-shaped mechanodendrites instead of his right hand, with the help of which he could connect and hack into any computer system much easier. While fighting in physical space, Klimov is exposed to a vial of beastly over his left shoulder, allowing him to tear enemies apart with his bare hands.

Also, as one of the security measures, Klimov always keeps 3 of his clones nearby, in any of which he can transfer his mind after the death of the main carrier.

Dexterity 1/10
Intelligence 9/10
Power 10/10
Science 10/10
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