MDpropovednik was born and raised in the backyard of the Matriarchy, far from its administrative and information centers. Apparently, therefore, there were still fragments of ancient data and programs created before the Era of gynocentrism..... Not completely destroyed by the ubiquitous agents and mercenaries of the Matriarchs.

As a child, MDpropovednik heard a legend about ancient free men who lived happily and owed nothing to anyone else, and the \"real man\" program that is installed in the Matrix for all males without exception is not an ideal of behavior, but an ancient heresy and filth of \"Alenism\" \"stealing the soul and enslaving the mind of men, making them slaves of the Matrix and the lowest human passions ..... This information gave birth to a fire of hope in his young heart.MDpropovednik began to look for answers to questions that were born in his head. Answers to questions about the fate and life of people enslaved by the system, but not even noticing it. He felt that the matriarchal Matrix was not the life for which he was born.And the answer came by itself when he received the \"red pill\" sent as the key to salvation to all men in the universe by MD Morpheus..Having processed and assimilated the data of the \"red pill\" package, MDpropovednik felt that the veil had fallen from his eyes. His mind was cleansed, and his soul was filled with light.The \"red pill\" completely changed the life of the future MDpropovednika. He found what he had been looking for for years, what he felt, what he expected and what he hoped for. He always subconsciously knew that this is how it should be ....MDpropovednik was no longer able to return to his former life as a slave of the matrix and the system, in which he worked as its cleric and monitored the exact execution of all the norms and rules of the Matriarchy, punishing all violators of the order, and became one of the Clear Ones.MDpropovednik fights with the Matriarchs and preaches and brings the good news to other men, talking about the World built by men and for men, the World in which men live happily and do not owe anything to anyone else !!

Dexterity 7/10
Intelligence 10/10
Power 5/10
Science 3/10
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