sister of war


Ten sisters of the mercenary were cloned by the genetic engineers of the Matriarchs from the DNA of the best warriors. A unique combat robotic suit with advanced intelligence was developed for each of them. With this combat suit, the mercenaries establish a close relationship, even reaching a love one. A warrior and her battle suit can act separately, covering and complementing each other on the battlefield, but they gain the greatest effectiveness by working together. Each combat suit has a unique male name and he is sincerely attached to his pilot. A few years later, after their creation, training and commissioning as full-fledged combat units, the sisters realized their strength and did not want to work for the Matriarchs for free, starting to put forward their own conditions and set their own price for completing each mission. At first, the Matriarchs wanted to get rid of the battle group beyond their control, but they quickly realized that it was more profitable to cooperate with mercenaries than to fight.


Also, the sisters often perform the tasks of the Enlightened Ones, no longer because of money, but in order to have another potential client and use this fact in negotiations with the messengers of the Matriarchs.


speed 5
Firepower 5
Power 5
Robot Power 5
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