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N was an independent biologist who conducted research in his underground scientific laboratory. One day, the Matriarchs wanted to appropriate all his research and attacked the laboratory with the help of a link of cloned female mercenaries and combat cyborgs.
N managed to escape by blowing up the laboratory and evacuating using a secret underground passage. Unfortunately, part of his research and technology was irretrievably lost in the process of this flight from the forces of the Matriarchs.
Also, during the battle with the Matriarchs, N was mortally wounded and had to replace 87% of his body with cybernetic prostheses. All of N\'s hired bodyguards were destroyed, but N himself and part of his research were saved.
N contacted the Visionaries, who provided him with a new laboratory and staff. Also, the scientists of the Visionaries helped N to mount an atomic cannon of incredible power into his cybernetic body.
At the moment, N spends most of his time doing scientific research and experiments, sometimes helping the Enlightened in their struggle.

Dexterity 3 of 10
Intelligence 10 of 10
Power 9 of 10
Science 10 of 10
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