A-Bane was an ordinary unnamed male used by the Matriarchs as a regular \"battery\" for the matrix. There are millions of men in gigantic vaults, arranged in their energy receivers like bunches of grapes. One of these storages became the target for an attack by a cyberdemon from the MDnet network.

The matriarchal security services neutralized the cyberdemon and, in order to survive, the demon was forced to look for a host. The problem was that a man struck by a cyberdemon and disconnected from the matrix died within a minute. Thus, before A-Bane, several dozen men died within half an hour, but A-Bane survived.And even managed to control the cyberdemon.The Cyberdemon endowed A-Bane with the ability to transform the body in reality and in cyberspace, as well as the ability to reincarnate. Even with complete annihilation or dismemberment, if at least one molecule remains from the former body, then A-Bane can reincarnate and recreate the former self. Evenfromasinglemolecule.Thanks to these abilities and the help of the cyberdemon, which began to act as an internal interface, A-Bane escaped from the matriarchal captivity, stole a transport and became a knight-errant.A-Bane cooperates with the Seen Ones, but prefers to act alone, setting his own goals and objectives. However, in an hour of great need, he will never refuse to help any Seeker, but not for free. A-Bane demands money, resources, or favors from anyone it helps. With this approach, A-Bane can go it alone and find resources to fight the Matriarchs.

Dexterity 7/10
Intelligence 8/10
Power 10/10
Science 9/10
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