Pasha is an anthropomorphic android partisan. It was created to perform music and songs at matriarchal corporate performances.

Due to a cyberspace glitch set up as a diversion by the Seers, Pasha processed the \"red pill\" data packet and disconnected from the matrix, connecting to the MDnet network.

After disconnecting from the matrix, Pasha was deprived of the opportunity to service his body in the matriarchal workshops, but he found a way out and contacted the Seeers. Currently, Pasha serves as a guerrilla of the Seeers, and they supply him with spare parts and specialists to maintain him.

Pasha writes music with elements of the red pill code. Distributes his music on MDnet and at club rock concerts. The seers have modified his body, adding the ability \"techno-scream\". This ability can disable enemy vehicles and robots in reality and cyberspace.

Dexterity 5/5
Intelligence 6/10
Power 5/10
Science 10/10
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