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MDMorpheus is a sane android and one of the servers of the alternative MDnet network. The history of its appearance is not fully known. At the moment, it is clear that he, together with MDNEO, forms and distributes data packets with the code name \"red pill\" over the information networks of the Matriarchs.

Having received such a data packet into his implanted chip, a man has a chance to find out the truth and become free, breaking free from the power of the Matriarchs. Some of these liberated men join the Illuminated in their struggle, and some become knights wandering alone. The chances of a man freeing and processing the information package of the \"red pill\" are about 0.01%, but MDMorpheus continues to operate both in cyberspace and in the real world. Thanks to his efforts, a nucleus of resistance to the power of the Matriarchs has been formed.

The biggest bounty has been assigned for the destruction of MDMorpheus, constantly attracting various bounty hunters. However, so far no one has succeeded in destroying the resistance and stopping the spread of the \"red pills\".


Dexterity 100/100
Intelligence 100/100
Power 100/100
Science 100/100
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