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Oksana is one of the main goddesses of the matriarchal pantheon. It manifests itself in reality and cyberspace. One of my main hobbies is breeding alien rsp entities in woman\'s pit.

She was elevated to the top of the matriarchal pantheon by the advancement of a technology that allowed any male connected to matriarchal cyberspace to be annihilated by absolutely any woman. Before the introduction of this technology, women had to call in punishers to destroy the guilty, and thanks to the activities of Oksana, absolutely every woman got the opportunity to personally keep the men placed at her disposal in fear.

The technology consists in the fact that a portable annihilator was built into the body of a woman, acting both in reality and in cyberspace, and to use it, a woman just needs to point her finger at a man and say the code word “guilty”. A specially provided hardware limitation is that the annihilator only affects men registered for a particular woman. This restriction was introduced so that women do not destroy the male slaves of their rivals, but have power only over their men.
After the man processes the \"red pill\" data packet and reconnects it to MDnet, the portable annihilator cannot affect the man. Oksana is a powerful goddess with the gift of hypnosis and derives her power from the emanations of tormented men. In the literal sense, it feeds on male fear and torment.

For her constant nourishment, she instructed the tech-priests to style their spaceship as a wagon, which is harnessed by genetically altered men in the form of deer. The technology of harnessing the wagon is to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible on the harnessed reindeer every second. Then the received energy is accumulated inside the wagon and transferred to the goddess at her first request.


Greed 5/5
Hate 5/5
Intelligence 2/5
Lie 5/5
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