A collection dedicated to discrimination against men all over the world.

In this fantastic matriarchal universe, the world is ruled by women worshipping goddesses in spider form. Men are connected to a matrix that consumes their life essence to maintain the female community comfort and high standard of living. Will the chosen one come? Will MDNeo choose the red pill? Will the men see the light? It all depends on you.

Project concept: Two fighting sides are presented: Matriarchs and the Enlightened. Each NFT is a game character with a certain set of abilities and characteristics, fighting for one of the sides. As the project develops, new characters will be added, as well as weapons, armor, transport and real estate (houses and shelters) that increase the character's characteristics in battles. For victories in battles, intra-game gold will be credited, which can be spent on the purchase of these items. For defeat in battles, gold will be taken away.
Battles will take place in the form of a browser game on this site in the 1 on 1 format.


At the initial stages of the project, battles will take place in the format of player versus artificial intelligence. As the project progresses, player versus player battles are planned.

Roadmap: At the moment, for each NFT character you have purchased, you can read its detailed history on the site. Also, all those who have already purchased the characters from the collection will receive 1000 gold at the time of launching the full version of the game. Within a month after the sale of 80% of the collection, it is planned to release a demo version of the game on this site.